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01 July 2014

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AML Checks / Anti-money laundering checks, ID Checks or ID Verification Reports

Via our online shop you can purchase AML checks, Anti-money laundering checks, ID Checks and ID Verification reports.


Having robust customer due diligence systems in place is essential for any business which has anti-money laundering obligations. A fundamental part of the customer due diligence process is the confident identification of the client or beneficial owner.

Traditional methods used to conduct consumer identity checks are costly, time consuming and could themselves present a security risk in the form of forged documents. Fortunately, these outdated methods of identity verification have now been surpassed by a new breed of ID check – electronic identity verification (e-ID).

The Supplier of our AML system is a market leader in the field of e-ID and provides an adaptable, user friendly and reliable tool that enables you to validate identity and demonstrate anti-money laundering compliance..

AML compliance

Developed to ensure anti-money laundering compliance our system meets the standards for electronic identity verification as instructed in the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG) guidance. Our system enables compliance by allowing you to:

  1. Screen individuals against PEP and Sanction data
  2. Exhibit good governance with a paperless audit trail
  3. Identify clients not physically present

Beyond anti-money laundering

In addition to being one of the most comprehensive and powerful AML identity checking and verification system in the market that is providing your company with a robust anti-money laundering tool, our system also offers a whole host of additional business benefits:

  1. Cut the cost of verifying identity
  2. Provide a seamless client experience
  3. Reduce administrative overheads
  4. Conduct business confidently and effectively


Identity / ID Verification checks

With criminals finding more inventive ways to assume another person’s identity, are you confident that your identity check procedures are robust enough to protect your company?

Manual identity checks are not enough, with forged documents becoming harder to spot and many more remote dealings taking place.

However, a new sophisticated generation of identity checks has emerged, allowing you to “Know Your Customer” instantly. Electronic identity checks are being adopted by many companies and our ID Checking system is one of the most powerful electronic ID checking systems in the UK.

UK ID / Identity verification checks

In 2010 Identity fraud accounted for nearly half of all the fraud in the UK (source: CIFAS).  This means that any company that could be at risk of this fraud or have suffered from fraud, should ensure they have stringent identity checks in place to help limit or prevent this.

When transactions take place via phone, mail or online, CNP (card holder not present) fraud continues to be a threat to UK businesses and consumers alike.

It is therefore essential that companies who take upfront payments without the customer being present should make sure that they implement robust identity checking procedures to protect their brand, the consumer and ultimately their profit margins.

Many Companies within the finance sector are subject to anti-money laundering regulations.

In these companies ID / Identity verification checks are an essential part of the due diligence processes.  

With traditional identity checking methods being costly and time consuming, more firms are turning to instant and cost-effective electronic identity verification as opposed to more laboursome manual processes.

Many solicitor firms have obligations to comply with anti-money laundering regulations and, along with their staff, these firms are obliged to report any suspicious activities. Identity verification checks on clients provides these firms with the confidence that they are dealing with the legitimate person.

Identity check solution

Our identity check solution will allow you to protect your business from fraud, and if you need to conduct anti-money laundering checks, our system offers the ideal service.


Our system can be tried and tested on a free trial should you require this prior to entering any commitments.  Please call us on 01992 414222 to arrange this.


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