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01 July 2014

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Limited Company Credit Reports online & Ltd Company Credit Checks online

Online Limited Company Credit Reports & Credit Checks

Our Online Ltd / Limited Company "Business credit reports" provide a fully comprehensive financial view of the business you are looking to trade with.  The Report provides you with enough detail to help you make an informed credit decision:

Our business credit report contains different levels of data and information dependant on the size of the company and the legal filing requirements of the Company at Companies House.  

Company Credit Checks & Company Searches Online

Our Online Company Credit Checking tool and Director Credit checking tool is easy to use and navigate around.  You simple perform the Company Credit Check by search for a company (by name), selecting the Company you want to credit check from the list of results, and selecting what type of Credit report or Company Document that you want to obtain, make your purchase and you will have the Credit Report or Document that you require in order to Perform your Company Credit Check or Financial Assessment.

On this page you can find a sumary explanation of the information included in our Limited Company Credit Reports or a detailed list of data fields included below to help you with your credit check or financial assessment:

Statutory company information:

Within the business credit report the following statuatory information will be provided:-
  • Company Registered name
  • Company Registered address
  • Company incorporation date
  • Company Registered number
  • Companies current trading status
  • Type of accounts filed.

Credit Rating & Limit Scores & Information:

As part of the risk assessment in the business, the Ltd Company Credit report will include ;-
Current, Previous and History of the Credit Rating,
  • Current, Previous and History of the credit limit (Maximum recommended amount of credit to extend)
  • Current, Previous and History of the risk score 
  • Current, Previous and History of the Credit Rating (See FAQ's & Facts about our Credit Rating & Limit), the Current, Previous and History of the credit limit (Maximum recommended amount of credit to extend),
  • Contract Limit Info - The Contract Limit is the recommended size of contract the company could handle (See FAQ's & Facts about the Contract Limit).

Profit & Loss (P&L) accounts (where filed): The Profit & Loss accounts include figures from the last five years of Accounts filed at Companies Houses including Turnover, Profit (or loss) & Profit After Tax.

Balance sheet: The Balance sheet includes figures from the last five years of Accounts filed at Companies House including Assets, Liabilities, Net Worth & Shareholder funds.

Key Ratios: The Key Ratios include a list of the most popular Accountancy Ratio's including Cash Flow Ratio, Liquidity Ratio, Gearing Ratio, Debtor days and Creditor days. 

The fact that our reports provide Key Ratios save you having to work them out for yourself.

Notes to Accounts: The Notes to Accounts can include Exports, Intermediate assets, Bank overdraft, and finance due to directors and group.

Bank Details: The Bank Details include Current Bankers name, address and account details.

Auditor Details: The auditors details include Auditor Name and any Auditor notes.

Growth rate figures on the Accounts: Our Business Credit reports offer the percentage growth measurements off all filed figures for past 4 years to save you having to work these out for yourself.

Filing history from Companies House: The filling history from Companies House can include Name changes, mortgage documents, Directors Appointments and Resignations and other companies house filings.

Company Officers details: Current & previous directors and secretaries (Director's name, Director's addresses, date of birth, titles) including Directors current and previous directorships and key data from other current and previous appointments.

Court Payment Data including CCJs & High Court Writs - Values and Summary (including unsatisfied county court judgments and case numbers), plus any High Court Writs the company has been issued with.

Share Capital & Share Ownership: Holding & Ultimate Holding Companies, Parent, Sister and Subsidiary companies, share capital invested, shareholders, mortgages, charges and satisfactions.

Detailed Content List of Data Fields included:

Statutory Information: Company Name | Registered Number | Previous Name | Registered Office Address | Type of company | Incorporation Date | Date of latest Accounts filed | Date latest Accounts were lodged | Date of latest Annual return | Type of Accounts | Issued Capital.

Additional Business Information: Trading Address | Telephone number (where available) | Fax number (where available) | Website (where available) | Bankers | Auditors | Audit Qualification | Principal Activity | UK SIC Code(s) 

Risk Information: Current Risk Score | Previous Risk Score | Historical Risk Score - latest five scores | Score Key | Current Credit Limit | Previous Credit Limit | County Court Judgments Summary 

Group Structure: Ultimate Parent Company | Companies in Group

Ownership: Total Issued Capital | Shareholder Name | Individual Shareholdings 

Mortgages: Total outstanding | Total satisfied | Details of each including date, type, lender 

Filing History: List of the 20 most recent filings at Companies House including:

Accounts | Annual returns | Mortgage and Charge documents | Director and Secretary appointments and resignations 
and more.

Officers: Details of company secretaries including:

Name | Appointment date | D.O.B | Address | Number of current appointments along with name, function and appointment date.

Details of current directors including:

Name | Appointment date | D.O.B | Address | Number of current appointments along with name, function and appointment date.

List of Information Included in the Financial Information:

Profit & Loss account: Latest 5 years figures from filed profit and loss account showing where available:

Date of Accounts | Consolidated | Subsidiary | Number of Weeks | Currency | Audit Qualification | Turnover | Cost of Sales | Gross Profit | Operating Profit | Non Trading Income | Interest Payable | Pre-tax Profit | Taxation | Profit after Tax | Dividends | Payable | Retained Profits | Value added

Small and Medium sized companies are not required to file profit and loss or turnover.

Balance sheet: Latest 5 years figures from filed balance sheet showing:

Date of Accounts | Consolidated | Subsidiary | Number of Weeks | Currency | Audit Qualification | Tangible Fixed Assets | Intangible Assets | Total Fixed Assets | Stocks | Trade Debtors | Cash | Misc. Current Assets | Total Current Assets | Total Assets | Creditors: Due within 1 year | Total Assets less Total Current Liabilities | Total Long Term Liabilities | Total Liabilities  | Share Capital & Reserves | Profit and Loss Account Reserve | Revaluation Reserve | Shareholders Funds | Capital Employed | Net Worth | Working Capital | Contingent Liabs. | Cash Flow (CF) | Net CF from Operating Accounts | Net ROI & SOF Cash Flow  | Net Cash Flow before Financing | Net Cash Flow from Financing

Increase in Net Cash: Cash Flow

Number of Months | Currency | Net Cash Flow From Operations

Net Cash Flow before Financing | Net Cash Flow From Financing | Increase In Cash 

Ratios: Pre-tax Profit Margin % | Current Ratio | Sales/Net Working Capital | Gearing % | Equity in % | Creditor Days | Debtor Days | Liquidity/Acid Test | Return On Capital Employed % | Return On Total Assets Employed % | Current Debt Ratio % | Total Debt Ratio % | Stock Turnover Ratio % | Return on Net Assets Employed %

Growths: Tangible Fixed Assets | Intangible Assets | Total Fixed Assets | Stock | Trade Debtors | Cash | Other Debtors | Miscellaneous Current Assets | Total Current Assets | Trade Creditors | Bank Loans & Overdrafts | Other Short Term Finance | Miscellaneous Current Liabilities | Total Current Liabilities

Bank Loans, Overdrafts and Long Term Liabilities:  Other Long Term Finance | Total Long Term Liabilities | Share Capital & Reserves | P & L Account Reserve | Revaluation Reserve | Sundry Reserves | Shareholder Funds | Net Worth | Working Capital | Total Assets | Total Liabilities | Net Assets

Please see "more from this section" for info on other Reports or visit the product section (for prices) sample page (for a look at what the reports look like), or the online shop (to make a purchase).




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