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01 July 2014

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Why Should I Monitor Customers, Suppliers, Competitors & Sales Targets?

You should monitor your customers to keep up to date with changes in their credit worthiness, directors and Company size to ensure you can take the relewvant action when these things change.

You should monitor your suppliers to ensure you are not caught sure, or incurring expense or missing products etc. when any of your suppliers stop trading.  If you are aware of difficulties you might be able to help and you definately will be able to prepare and find alternative options.

You should monitor your competitors to keep an eye on the competion as so that you can react to certain situations that your competitors might be going through

You could also use the montiorng facilty to monitor your own company to help prevent corporate identity theft and also to monitor your potential sales targets as a way of approaching them at the right time, or whist there might be changes going on (such as a change of directorship). 


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