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01 July 2014

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How to use the Company Search


Under the box heading "Free UK & Ireland company report search" type in the company name required.

If the company is a UK company click "search". If the company is not in the UK click on the "drop-down" box in the country box, chose the relevant country and click "search".

A window will open with the heading 'Company Search' You will be faced with three possible results:-

1. Exact match of the business you are looking for.

In this case click on "view details".  You will be able to purchase a Business Report by clicking "add to basket". You can also purchase any of the company documents listed by again chosing" add to basket".

Once you have the required products in your basket, click on "checkout". The value of your purchases will then be confirmed.

You will be asked to enter your business name, personal name and email address in our standard form which is in the ' Your details' section. Once this is completed click on "pay" you will then enter the secure site where you can select your payment method and complete your purchase by making payment.

 2. More than one match

If your search shows more than one match this is because some businesses will have very similar names (no two live limited companies can have the same name). You can still select from one of the names if you are confident that it is the business you are looking for; simply click "view details" next to the required company and repeat the processes as per number 1 shown above.

3.  No company matches

In cases where there are no matches to the company requested this will normally mean that the name entered is incorrect you will see the message "No companies could be found that match search criteria".

At this stage you will have the option to redefine the search. Below the company search screen you will see a screen called "find company" here you will be able to search under the following criteria;-

Company number - If the business that you are looking for is a limited company this will have it's own unique registration  number. If you have this number simply type it in to the search box, select the circle next to company number and press "search".

Provided you have entered a correct number you will see the name of the company with that number.  Continue by pressing "view details"on the right hand side of the screen. Then proceed exactly the same as number 1.

Postcode search - You can search for the business by postcode. In this case go to the section 'find a company' and click the circle next to postcode. Enter the postcode and click "search". You will see a list of businesses that appear in that particular postcode area. Click on the company that you are looking for and proceed exactly as number 1.

If the company does not appear on the postcode search it means that the company is not registered within that postcode area.

Begins with/ Contains

The advance search can be made by putting in part of the company name, this will widen the search. Go to 'find company' page and click in the circle next to begins with, then put in the first part of the company name, for example if you were looking for Virgin Media Centre, but could not find it on this search you would just put in Virgin. Next click the search button. If the company you are looking for appears click the view details button and then proceed as per number 1.

If the 'begins with' search fails to find the company you are looking for you can chose the 'contains' option and then enter any part of the company name. If the company you are looking for appears click "view details" and  proceed as per number 1. 

If all of the above processes fail to find the company you are looking for we would recommend that you order a bespoke report. This report is a freshly investigated report, which provides more detailed information.

Samples of our limited and non-limited bespoke reports : SampleBespokeLimited  samplenonlimited









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