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01 July 2014

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How to use the Director Search

Under the heading "Free UK & Ireland Director search" you have the option of filling in two boxes: Director's name and Postcode.

Search by Director's name only

Type in the full forename and surname within the required box then click search. If there is more than one director with the same name there will be a list of names for you to choose from. The list will include full name, address, and date of birth where available. Find the director you are looking for and click "view details" to the right hand side of the screen.

A window will appear headed "Director's information".  It will also repeat the name, director's number, postcode and date of birth. If you are happy that this is the director you are looking for click "view report".

The director's report screen will appear with two tabs "Director" and "Directorships". You can look at both tabs, the "Director" tab will confirm the name address and date of birth. When you view the "Directorships" tab this will confirm all directorships held by your subject.

On the right hand side of the screen you can print either the individual tabs or the report in full by clicking the blue highlighted tab/report.


Search by Name and Postcode

If you want to narrow your search for a director, particularly if the director you are looking for has a popular surname, then it is worth using the postcode in conjuction with the name. The postcode has to be that of the residential address for the director or the address they have as their administration address (often the address of the company they are a director of) as filed at Companies House. By using both the name and the address this should narrow the search to the person you are looking for.

To carry out this search, type the name of the director in the "Director's name" box and then enter the postcode in the section below headed "postcode". Click on "view details", you will have a list of directors against this name and postcode. If the director you are looking for is listed click "view report" on the right hand side of the screen.  You can view and print the director's report as detailed above.

Search by postcode

You can, if required, search by purely using the postcode. This search will list all directors registered in this postcode area. The process is the same as before, type the postcode in the box headed "Postcode" then click  "search". Then select from the list of names provided the director you wish to view. Click "view" button and repeat the same process stated above.






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