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01 July 2014

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Overseas companies registered in UK

1. Do I have to register my overseas company?

The fact that an overseas company is carrying on business in the UK does not automatically mean that it has to register with Companies House. Registration of an overseas company is only required when it has some degree of physical presence in the UK (such as a place of business or branch) through which it carries on business

2. What companies do not have to register?

Registration is not required if there is no physical presence in the UK.  For example, an independent agent who conducts business on behalf of the company is not a UK establishment of an overseas company; neither is an occasional location such as a hotel where a director may conduct business during periodic visits to this country.  Other types of commercial enterprises (for instance partnerships, limited partnerships, unincorporated bodies or government agencies) cannot register in the UK as an overseas company.

3. What is a UK establishment?

UK establishment is the phrase used in the Overseas Companies Regulations 2009 to refer to a place of business or branch of an overseas company in the UK. The use of UK establishment in the law has ended the different registration and disclosure regimes for places of business and branches that were in place before 1 October 2009. All places of business and branches registered before 1 October 2009 have become UK establishments and given a ‘BR’ prefix to their registered number. If you were a branch or place of business before 1 October 2009 you may need to file a Transitional Return form  to ensure Companies House holds the correct information for your UK establishment.

4. What other changes have been made since 1 October 2009?

The implementation of the Overseas Companies Regulations 2009 on 1 October 2009 introduced a single UK jurisdiction for overseas companies. There is no longer a requirement for an English/Welsh or Scottish company to register a UK establishment in Northern Ireland, or for a Northern Irish company to register a UK establishment in England and Wales or Scotland.


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