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01 July 2014

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10 Reasons to Carry Out Business Credit Checks

The challenges of operating a business in this day and age are varied and many. However there are some easy ways to make running a business an easier and more profitable endeavour. Nothing provides a business owner with more accurate information than the credit reports of his/her competitors, vendors, and partners.

Therefore, when it comes to protecting your business, one of the most important things you can do is to run credit checks on the businesses that you interact with, or compete against.

Business credit reports are one of the best ways to assist you in obtaining information on your next potential bad debt or biggest customer and therefore allowing you to make sound business decisions. In fact, a business owner can take advantage of a host of benefits just by taking the time to check business credit reports.

I have listed below the top ten reasons to carry out business credit checks:-

No.1 – Checking a business’s credit report will provide you with the confidence you need when choosing whether or not to supply to or be supplied by another company.

No. 2 – A business credit report provides you with in-depth knowledge on how a company manages its financial responsibilities. A simple business credit check will assist you in identifying whether a company meets its financial obligations.

No. 3 – If a company is suffering from financial or legal trouble, its credit report will tell you. This will assist you in protecting your business from unreliable suppliers, or potential/delinquent debtors.

No. 4 – Finding out whether or not a company has past judgments, legal notices and/or bankruptcies will help ensure your business is not becoming a part of a business relationship that could reflect negatively on your business.

No. 5 – Monitoring your customer’s credit rating will help you ascertain whether the company in question is of lesser or greater risk than previous business credit reports show, therefore giving you the most up to date information to work with.

No. 6 – If you rely on certain suppliers for your business, then monitoring them and following their credit activity can help when making business decisions and allowing you to be sure of mind when entering into business relationships whether for the first time or on a regular basis.

No. 7 – Checking credit ratings for businesses will help you minimize the chances of having to pass cases to collection agencies. Business credit checks give you the information you need to make more informed decisions.

No. 8 – Checking the business credit reports of your competitors will help gain valuable knowledge and to keep a keen eye on their progress, therefore allowing you to keep your business in a positive position within your company sector.

No. 9 – Carrying out regular business credit reports on your own company is important, because it gives you a look into what other businesses are able to see when they check your business. View your business through your customer, supplier and lenders eyes, be realistic and keep an open mind.

No. 10 – Staying up to date and monitoring with your own business’s credit reporting information is important for reducing risk, making better business decisions, and taking the necessary steps to improve your own credit rating. Making this a regular task is also helpful in noticing the subtle signs that your business’s finances may be starting to be affected.

Post by Martin Brown 11/1/2013

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