Our clients enjoy a fast, efficient and personal debt collection service; a named member of our team will be available to advise and update on the progress of your cases with us.

We choose to focus on effective communication to successfully recover your money, in an attempt to negate the need for legal action that is costly, time consuming and removes control of the case from your hands to the Courts.

Commercial Debt Recovery Costs:

All UK debt recovery is undertaken on the basis of no collection: no commission*

We will accept instructions by email.  We will need a statement of account or details of the invoices that are outstanding along with details of the due dates of your invoices.  On receipt of a debt, interest and Statutory Compensation under Late Payment Legislation are added.  When these charges are recovered they are all passed on to the client. We contact the debtor in writing on the day of receiving an account.  Our notice will go by email or post depending upon the client’s requirements.

Within 2/3 working days if the debtor has not already paid or contacted us we will contact them.  Thereafter we will report to the client on our progress until the debt is paid.

We contact every debtor to qualify your debt, to make sure they have not absconded, to make sure there are no queries to avoid a costly and protracted defended legal action.

Occasionally it is necessary to escalate matters in order to obtain payment, legal action, bankruptcy or a winding-up can all be instigated on our clients’ behalf.

If necessary we will carry out a "Pre-Legal Report" to ensure that your debtor has the means to pay and that the creditor will not be "throwing good money after bad".

For a quote for debt collection and details of our legal charges please contact us on 01992 414222 and speak to our Head of Debt Recovery, Laura Ferrie or by email to legal@creditserve.co.uk

Our competitive pricing structure is based upon volume, age and type of debt.

*Our no collection – no commission pricing policy applies to pre-legal debts only.  If legal action is necessary (and only issued with a client’s express permission) legal fees and Court Disbursements are payable irrespective of the outcome of the case.