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Instant AML checks with one of the leading electronic AML verification systems in the UK

Anti-money laundering check packages

Creditserve’s instant online UK AML checks (anti-money laundering checks) allow you to confidently verify a customer’s identity, comply with anti-money laundering regulations and make the process of screening individuals instant, easy and accurate.

Make compliance easier for your business with our seamless verification experience. Our AML checks can confirm your subject’s identity and address by checking their passport and driving license and aid your compliance decision by verifying bank accounts and checking for adverse media, PEPs and global sanctions.

What’s included?

Our fully-compliant UK AML checks include the following:

  • Instant verification of your subject’s identity
  • Instant checks on paper documents
  • Screening against domestic and international data sets
  • Politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • Sanctions
  • County court judgment search
  • NCOA fraud search

Please note that all anti-money laundering checks must be used within 12 months of purchase unless otherwise agreed and the subject of the enquiry must be made aware that an AML search will be carried out on them.

Comply with regulations

Dealing with financial transactions? Stay on the right side of the law and avoid legal and financial penalties with our UK AML checks. We’ll help you abide by and stay updated on all the ever-changing AML regulations.

Protect your business from financial crime

Prevent financial crime hitting your business such as money laundering, terrorist financing and fraud. AML checks can stop fraud and financial crime before it happens by verifying the identity of customers and detecting suspicious transactions so that you can protect your business and your customers from financial losses.

Enhance your reputation

Demonstrate your commitment to being an ethical and responsible business and implement effective AML checks. Give your customers, partners and regulators the confidence that they can put their trust in you because you’ve gone to the right lengths to ensure their safety.

Improve your risk management

By investing in anti-money laundering checks, you can identify and mitigate any financial risks associated with your operations, improving your overall risk management framework and reducing the likelihood of financial loss.

How we can help

Let us assist you in complying with your due diligence requirements with our anti-money laundering checks. We work with clients in a range of industries, from solicitors to employment agencies and property developers and estate agents, to name but a few.

You can buy our easy-to-interpret UK AML checks in a range of packages depending on your needs - whether you need 25 or 250. After something more bespoke? We can also provide a quote for your very own custom AML check package.

We protect you from risk

Although AML checking is a legal requirement under the Government’s Money Laundering Regulations, it can also serve as a protection to the business carrying out the check. A customer using our AML search service ran a check on the passport and driving licence of a potential customer and discovered discrepancies between the passport offered and the online check, it transpired that the passport was fake.

Our customer declined to deal with the individual. Weeks later they learned that the same individual had carried out a number of large transactions with local businesses (although not above the threshold for compulsory AML checks) using stolen credit cards. Those businesses had their transactions reversed by credit card companies and suffered losses.

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"Corney and Barrow have been customers of Creditserve for many years. We find their portal very user friendly, and if we have any problems, the guys are easy to contact and provide a personal service. Their AML search function is straightforward to use, with the results easy to interpret. You can drill down into the areas that may cause concern, and take an informed decision very quickly."

Andrew Simpson Credit Manager, Corney and Barrow


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