Anti-money laundering checks

Instant, compliant verification of individuals

Creditserve's online Anti-Money Laundering service gives our clients the opportunity to instantly access data sets to make the process of verifying identity and screening individuals instant, easy and accurate.

Our AML service is one of the leading electronic identity verification systems in the UK.

With a Creditserve AML search our clients can confidently verify a customer’s identity, comply with anti-money laundering regulations and be sure of a seamless verification experience.

AML Checks with Creditserve

Our AML reports include the following data set checks:-

  • Instantly verifies the subject’s identity
  • Instant checks on paper documents
  • Screens against domestic and international data sets
  • Flags politically exposed persons (PEPs)
  • Highlights those subject to sanctions
  • Identifies insolvent individuals

All AML credits must be used within 12 months of purchase.

*We are agents of Tracesmart Limited therefore once a purchase of AML searches has been made you will be required to sign and return an end-user agreement to access the AML searches. In the event that a signed agreement is not returned to us you will be refunded the purchase price.

Anti-money laundering searches (25 pack)

Instant access to 25 online AML searches.

£125.00 + VAT
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Anti-money laundering searches (100 pack)

Instant access to 100 online AML searches.

£350.00 + VAT
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Anti-money laundering searches (250 pack)

£625.00 + VAT
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Anti-money laundering searches (custom)

Requires quotation
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Case Study

An accountant local to our offices relied on a manual process to carry out the task of anti-money laundering searches and had no electronic system in place for carrying out AML searches on their clients before using Creditserve's online AML reports.  This was a time consuming and labour intensive process for their staff.

After signing up to Creditserve's online AML service our client has been able to save money by speeding up and streamlining the process and they are sure that they are able to meet standards of compliance.

Creditserve's online service provides the highest possible matches and pass rates for their client.

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If you would prefer to speak to one of our friendly, knowledgeable team please call on 01992 414222 or email

"Corney and Barrow have been customers of Creditserve for many years. We find their portal very user friendly, and if we have any problems, the guys are easy to contact and provide a personal service. Their AML search function is straightforward to use, with the results easy to interpret. You can drill down into the areas that may cause concern, and take an informed decision very quickly."

Andrew Simpson Credit Manager, Corney and Barrow