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Access international credit checks on companies in 19 European countries & the USA

International credit check packages

We understand that expanding your business overseas and extending credit to international businesses can be a daunting prospect. Our international credit check solutions are designed to help you mitigate the risks associated with doing business across borders.

We gather data from only the most reliable sources to deliver a complete picture of your international customer or partner’s creditworthiness, providing you with the insights you need to grow your business globally. Don’t let international credit risks hold your business back and allow us to help your business succeed in today’s global economy.

Overseas reports with Creditserve

What’s included?

Our European reports include the following:

  • Credit limit
  • Incorporation details
  • Type of company, size and trading status
  • Financial data and key ratios where available
  • Directors information
  • Shareholders and shareholdings
  • Public information including derogatory information

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We can credit check companies in the following countries:


Looking for a country that’s not on our list? We can also provide offline international credit checks on businesses within a further 25 countries within 24 hours of your request.

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Risk mitigation

Make better decisions and mitigate the risk of potentially working with international customers or partners who have a history of defaulting on payments or have a poor credit score. Our international credit checks allow you to gain visibility of the creditworthiness of the businesses you work with before entering into agreements.

Save time & resources

Increase your efficiency and access the reports and financial information you need instantly with Creditserve’s international credit checks, streamlining your business operations and making better use of your resources.

Improve your cash flow

Ensure you receive payments on time from your international customers and partners with our international credit checks. Improve your cash flow and reduce the risk of bad debt by arming yourself with the knowledge that you’re only working with creditworthiness businesses.

Trade internationally with confidence

Do business all around the world, safe in the knowledge that you’re working with businesses that you can trust to pay on time. Our international credit checks can ensure compliance with regulations and laws related to international trade so you can avoid any penalties or fines.

How we can help

With Creditserve, you can have confidence in your international credit checks, allowing you to expand your operations overseas with peace of mind.

You can buy our easy-to-interpret international credit checks in a range of packages depending on your needs - whether you require just one check, 10 checks or as many as 50. We can also provide a quote for your very own custom international credit check package if you require something more bespoke.

Instant online credit checks with a human touch

One of our existing clients, an international sports promotion company, was using an alternative supplier of online international credit checks. The supplier in question was a well-known, multi-national company and whilst the client found the data acceptable for their needs, they were also critical about the backup customer service, particularly where they were unable to locate a report online.

We convinced the client to first take a look at our international credit check reports and compare the quality of the data. Our data was on par with their current provider but they chose to sign with us because we held the edge with the backup personal service that we provide, making all the difference to the deal. They had the confidence that should they need us, we’re just a phone call away.

Plus, we were able to offer a 35% saving on their annual credit checking spend. We are pleased to confirm that this client has now used our services for the past six years.

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International credit checks (10 pack)

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International credit checks (50 pack)

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International credit checks (custom)

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24-hour international check (single)

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24-hour international check (10 pack)

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24-hour international check (25 pack)

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24-hour international check (50 pack)

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"We have now used Creditserve to supply overseas reports for a number of years, they are extremely good value for money and more importantly they are friendly, reliable and always on hand to help with any queries that we may have. The reports are laid out in a clear and easy to understand format, we have never had any issues with the accuracy of the information provided and we appreciate the value that they add to our business. At renewal we have always gone out to the market to look at other products as it is necessary to ensure that our business is getting the best available product on the market that matches our business needs and I have never yet been tempted to change suppliers."

Sharon Mardell Credit Controller, Atom Supplies


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