Creditserve offers instantly available online credit checks on all Belgian companies on either a 'pay as you go' basis, or within an annual subscription, or package of overseas reports.

What is included in an online Belgian credit report?

Online credit reports are available on all incorporated companies based in Belgium. The following information is included in these online credit checks:-

  • Incorporation details, which includes business address, registration details.
  • Contact details.
  • Credit risk score and credit limit recommendation.
  • Type of company including size and trading status.
  • Financial data (if filed) and key ratios
  • Shareholders and issued share capital
  • Names of current directors
  • Associated companies including subsidiaries.
  • Information that is filed publicly for the company
  • General information.

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Our Belgian company credit checks cost £30.00 + VAT on a pay as you go basis or you can subscribe to one of our discounted Credit Report packages.

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Online Belgian Company Credit Checks


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We are pleased to confirm that our online Belgian credit checks contain the most current information publicly available and are updated on a daily basis.

Creditserve Business Information Ltd provide comprehensive online credit reports on businesses in Belgium along with online credit checks on businesses in 19 other European countries as well as the USA.

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In Belgium the following entities are required to file a set of annual accounts:

  • Companies incorporated under Belgian law, whether their object is social or not, established in the form of:
    • a public limited liability company
    • a partnership limited by shares
    • a private limited liability company
    • a cooperative limited liability company
    • an economic interest grouping (EIG)
  • European economic interest groupings (EEIGs) registered in Belgium
  • the European company (SE) under Belgian law
  • companies incorporated under Belgian law, whether the object is social or not, established in the form of:
    • a general partnership
    • an ordinary limited partnership
    • a cooperative partnership with unlimited liability

All above mentioned companies have to file their annual accounts, whether they are a commercial company or civil company in the form of a commercial company.

In Belgium the following entities are not required to file a set of annual accounts:

  • Sole traders
  • Small companies whose members have unlimited liability: general partnerships, ordinary limited partnerships, co-operative companies with unlimited liability
  • Large companies whose members have unlimited liability, if none of the members is a legal entity
  • Agricultural partnerships
  • Hospitals, unless they have taken the form of a trading company with limited liability
  • Professional associations, schools and higher education institutions.

In certain cases they have to submit a social balance sheet to the Central Balance Sheet Office.