Make well-informed decisions when entering the Belgian market with Creditserve's extensive online Belgian company credit checks. Obtain crucial insights into potential partners and clients, minimising risks and ensuring seamless business collaborations in Belgium.

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What’s included in your Belgian company credit check?

Empower your business decisions with comprehensive online credit reports for Belgian companies. Gain access to a wealth of valuable information, including:

  • Company Details: Obtain the business address, registration details, and contact information to verify the legitimacy and reachability of the company. This ensures you have accurate and up-to-date information for communication and official correspondence.
  • Financial Health: Evaluate the financial stability of the company with key metrics such as the credit risk score and recommended credit limit (if available). Review financial data, including balance sheets and income statements (if filed), along with key ratios like liquidity and profitability. This deep dive into financial health helps you assess the company’s ability to meet its financial obligations.
  • Company Structure: Understand the organisational framework by examining the type of company, its size, and trading status. Identify shareholders, issued share capital, and current directors to get a clear picture of the company’s governance and ownership. This information is crucial for evaluating the company's internal stability and decision-making processes.
  • Network View: Gain insights into the company’s broader network by exploring associated companies and subsidiaries. This provides a complete picture of the company’s affiliations and potential influence within the industry, helping you assess any indirect risks or opportunities associated with these connections.
  • Publicly Filed Information: Access all general information filed by the company with regulatory bodies. This includes annual reports, statutory filings, and other public documents, ensuring you have a comprehensive view of the company's compliance and operational history.

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Why Choose Creditserve’s Company Credit Checks?

Make smarter, faster decisions for your Belgian business ventures with our comprehensive online credit reports. Delivered within minutes, these reports empower you to:

  • Assess Risk with Confidence: Utilise the most trusted Belgian data sources to get a complete picture of a company's financial health and creditworthiness.
  • Go Beyond the Surface: Uncover in-depth insights, including financial statements, Belgian payment behaviour, legal filings, credit scores, and risk assessments, for a holistic view of the company.
  • Find the Perfect Fit: Choose from flexible options like single reports, multi-check packages, or even customised solutions to suit your specific needs and budget.
  • Local Knowledge at Your Fingertips: Our dedicated team, well-versed in the Belgian business landscape, is here to answer your questions and guide you through interpreting the reports.

Online Belgian Company Credit Checks


What are our credit report options?

International credit check (single) - £30.00 + VAT International credit check (10) - £437.00 + VAT International credit check (25) - £200.00 + VAT
International credit check (50) - £750.00 + VAT International credit check (custom) - Requires quotation 24-hour international check (single) - £50.00 + VAT 

Benefits of Running Belgian Company Credit Reports

  • Minimise Risk: Detect Belgian companies with a history of late payments or defaults, safeguarding your finances from potential losses. 
  • Make Informed Decisions: Acquire valuable insights before signing contracts or extending credit in Belgium. Evaluate a company's creditworthiness to make decisions that benefit your Belgian business ventures. 
  • Negotiate Effectively: Use our reports as powerful tools during negotiations. Obtain better terms for your business deals in the Belgian market. 
  • Enhanced Compliance: Adhere to Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations in Belgium. Our reports help mitigate fraud risks and ensure you're partnering with reliable entities.

Our Information

We are pleased to confirm that our online Belgian credit checks contain the most current information publicly available and are updated on a daily basis. Creditserve Business Information Ltd provides comprehensive online credit reports on businesses in Belgium along with online credit checks on businesses in 19 other European countries as well as the USA.

In Belgium the following entities are required to file a set of annual accounts:

Companies incorporated under Belgian law, whether their object is social or not, are established in the form of:

    • a public limited liability company
    • a partnership limited by shares
    • a private limited liability company
    • a cooperative limited liability company
    • an economic interest grouping (EIG)
  • European economic interest groupings (EEIGs) registered in Belgium
  • the European company (SE) under Belgian law
  • companies incorporated under Belgian law, whether the object is social or not, established in the form of:
    • a general partnership
    • an ordinary limited partnership
    • a cooperative partnership with unlimited liability

All above-mentioned companies have to file their annual accounts, whether they are a commercial company or civil company in the form of a commercial company.

In Belgium the following entities are not required to file a set of annual accounts:

  • Sole traders
  • Small companies whose members have unlimited liability: general partnerships, ordinary limited partnerships, cooperative companies with unlimited liability
  • Large companies whose members have unlimited liability, if none of the members are a legal entity
  • Agricultural partnerships
  • Hospitals, unless they have taken the form of a trading company with limited liability
  • Professional associations, schools and higher education institutions.

In certain cases, they have to submit a social balance sheet to the Central Balance Sheet Office.