Company credit check gives a credit report on UK companies

Credit check companies, our company credit check helps your business credit check potential or existing customers, suppliers or anywhere a company credit check is needed.

Creditserve's online business credit reporting system gives the opportunity to instantly assess the risk of potential new customers.  Our data allows informed decisions to be made to help drive your business forward and is one of the most predictive in the industry.  Our business credit reports are recognised by the major credit insurers and include a credit score and our professional opinion of a suitable credit limit.

You can have information on every UK limited company, access to five years of financial information* and directors' information, the option to monitor all the companies that you are interested in as well as access to derogatory information, instantly.

UK Credit Checks with Creditserve

Our online credit checks includes the following information:-

  • Up to date and historic credit limits
  • Up to date and historic risk scores
  • Company incorporation details
  • Individual directors including other directorships
  • Shareholders and their shareholdings
  • Mortgages and charges
  • Five years financial data (where available)
  • Legal notices
  • County court judgment information
  • Options to automatically monitor the company. (Sample Report)

*Where available

UK company credit check

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Case Study

One of our current clients, a major food wholesaler, contacted us several years ago they were a fast expanding company that were very successful in selling their products but were experiencing problems getting paid.

Their main problem was that they did not have an effective method of credit checking the businesses they were extending credit to.

Creditserve initially reviewed their entire customer base to identify the types of companies they were dealing with.  We did this by running credit checks through our online system which confirmed whether the customers were limited companies or not.  By using our online business report we were able to set credit limits for each account.

Going forward our client, prior to opening new trade accounts, uses our predictive online credit checking system to establish who they are dealing with and obtain a realistic credit limit on each of their new customers.

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"We have used Creditserve for many years now, (for credit checking) we also use the monitoring service which provides us with the company’s status daily, this enables us to keep a close eye on the companies we supply and not put ourselves at financial risk. I would definitely recommend Creditserve to other businesses."

Cara Tinton Credit Control Manager, Hills Prospect PLC

"Have been using Creditserve for over 8 years in order to obtain financial information on our customers or potential customers. The information supplied in the form of a credit report is up to date and set out in a clear and precise way making it easy to use, with the added benefit if being able to monitor the customers in question and receive alerts in relation to any changes within the credit report. Creditserve is competitively placed within the market and value for money"

Mandy Oulsnam Credit Manager, Electrolux Major Appliances