Are you at the helm of a business looking to onboard new clients? Maybe you are a landlord seeking tenants for properties in your buy-to-let portfolio. Either way, you can’t boost your financial fortunes by yourself. Ultimately, you need regular injections of funding from external sources.

With our help, it can take less than 24 hours for you to undertake reliable credit checks on potential clients or tenants, enabling you to quickly evaluate whether you should partner with them.

Market dynamics

It’s important not to underestimate how rapidly you need to make business decisions without compromising the quality of your judgement. Corporate transactions can be wrapped up quickly, so the onus is on you to beat your competitors to capitalise on the most promising opportunities.

This can be especially true during times of unexpected market volatility; just recall how various industries across the board were upended by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Risks of delayed credit assessments

Whenever the chance comes for you to strike a deal with a prospective client or tenant, you must scrutinise their credit file. That way, you can judge whether they can routinely meet financial obligations to you in the long run.

If you hold off completing a business credit check, the business in question could lose patience and opt to partner with a company other than yours, leading you to miss out on valuable revenue.

Introducing Creditserve’s 24-hour credit checks

Our user-friendly platform enables instant credit file retrieval for both UK and international companies, empowering executives with critical insights within a day. Simplify decision-making processes, all while managing your business responsibilities with ease.

What is Creditserve?

We established our credit management company Creditserve in 1995 — and, today, enable customers to perform not only credit checks but also AML (anti-money laundering) checks. 

We enable executives to complete both types of checks quickly and easily online — and our directors and managers have about a hundred years of combined industry experience.

How the 24-hour service works

Through our website, you can pay for one-off credit checks or instead buy packages each offering access to multiple business credit reports. 

Whether you purchase the checks individually or in batches, they will allow you to instantly look up credit files of specific companies — based in the UK or abroad — via our online platform. 

Features and benefits

With our help, it takes just a few clicks to unearth a large amount of information about a company’s financial status — such as the organisation’s credit score, debts, mortgages and shareholders.

Also, being able to get those results within 24 hours means you can onboard clients in little time even when, as a business owner, you have many other pressing responsibilities on your plate.

Applications of rapid credit checks

Now, we take a look at how 24-hour credit checks can be implemented.

For businesses

By undertaking quick credit checks on new clients, you can impress them with your efficiency. Indeed, even before securing a sale, you can assure the client that the vetting process won’t take long — giving them an added incentive to partner with your company.

You can also effectively manage your company’s credit risk with those credit checks. Remember that if a client falls behind with their payments to you, this could have a knock-on effect on your organisation’s cash flow and, by extension, overall financial health.

For commercial landlords

If you are a commercial landlord, you ideally don’t want to leave rental properties in your portfolio unoccupied for months at a time. After all, for as long as a property remains empty, it won’t make you money.

So, if a business expresses interest in renting out that property, it would be in your interest for you to subject that business to a credit check as quickly as possible.

Even when a specific property is in high demand, credit checks can aid you in determining which of the many businesses eager to rent it would be the best choice from a financial standpoint.

Maximising the value of fast credit information

So, why should you be undertaking 24-hour credit checks? Let's take a look at the value that 24-hour credit checks will bring your business. 

Integrating into decision-making

Rapid credit checks can help businesses and landlords to define and pursue corporate strategies. For example, if a company is eager to offer new services but would not be able to do so without first tapping into another company’s resources, a quick business credit check could ease that move.

Meanwhile, a landlord who finds that one of their properties attracts too many people with a poor credit history could decide to offload that property and acquire a different one broader in appeal.

Balancing speed and accuracy

With Creditserve having now been established for more than 25 years, we have been able to hone our credit checking machinery to ensure that it continues to run smoothly.

You can also trust it to produce accurate data, for which we provide updates from multiple sources, including Companies House. No matter how packed your corporate schedule, you can still fetch the crucial credit details you need by turning to Creditserve.