It is not always necessary to do an anti-money laundering (AML) check but what is necessary is to carry out “due diligence”. 

What due diligence is, also known as know your customer (KYC) checks will depend upon the size and type of your business, any previous history of trading with the perspective or current customer and the size and type of transaction (a transaction or series of transactions worth more that £10,000 is what is stipulated in the AML legislation).


By using a Creditserve AML check you can quickly, easily meet the requirements of the AML/Terrorist Financing legislation by establishing who you are dealing with.


Our AML/Terrorist Financing search can confirm your client’s identity and address by checking passport and driving licence. Our anti money laundering searches can help with your compliance decision by verifying bank accounts and checking for adverse media, PEPs and global sanctions.


You can buy our cost effective, easy to interpret AML searches in packs of different sizes according to your needs:


If you would rather speak to someone about your AML/Terrorist Financing checking procedure please call Martin Brown on 01992 414222