Trading with international businesses and partners can open up an endless number of possibilities for your business. Your company may operate in an industry space that is internationally focused by its nature and structure. 

However, carrying out due diligence on new customers and business partners through international credit checks is essential, much like you would do when dealing with UK companies. Fortunately, our specialist international credit check packages operating in European countries and the USA are there to assess the creditworthiness of new business contacts, and minimise risk to your business. After all, having to chase up debtors based overseas is time consuming and can be expensive, so you want to check they have a healthy business and good credit score.

Here Creditserve explores the importance of running international credit checks. 

Reducing potential credit risks

International credit checks can go a long way in reducing the potential risks associated with working with international customers or partners with poor credit scores or a documented history of defaulting on business payments. The checks you get with us at Creditserve enable you to weigh up the creditworthiness of the businesses you could be working closely with before entering into agreements and signing on the dotted line.

Image of a jenga tower representing business risk.

Ensuring you receive payments from international partners on time

Constantly being paid late by a company that you do a significant amount of work with can cause you cashflow problems, it can be time consuming, costly and a worry that can be avoided by carrying out a credit check before trading with a slow or even non-payer.  An important element of international credit checks is that they are detailed enough to give you indications of whether a business has a history of paying its customers late. If our international company credit reports pick up on poor credit scores and bad practices like this, you ought to not go into agreements with such companies as you may not be able to rely on them to pay you on time.  

Time is money in business, and being paid late on a regular basis is never a good thing. Our comprehensive international credit checks at Creditserve can provide you with the heads-up to prevent you from making the mistake of entering into business with an unreliable company with a poor company credit score.


Avoid endless business worries

You don’t want to damage your business by unknowingly jumping into business with an international company that has a poor business credit score. 

Fear not, our thorough international credit checks leave no stone unturned. We offer

  • Belgian credit checks
  • Czech Republic credit checks
  • Danish credit checks
  • Finnish credit checks
  • French credit checks
  • German credit checks
  • Italian credit checks
  • Liechtenstein credit checks
  • Lithuanian credit checks
  • Lux credit checks
  • Maltese credit checks
  • Dutch credit checks
  • Norwegian credit checks
  • Polish credit checks
  • Portuguese credit checks
  • Slovakian credit checks
  • Spanish credit checks
  • Swedish credit checks
  • Swiss credit checks
  • American credit checks

Enabling you to work with European partners easily

The impressive international company credit checks that Creditserve offers will allow you to engage in smooth working relationships with European partners by reassuring you of their creditworthiness and reliable financial record before entering into transactions with them. 

At Creditserve, we are here for your instant international credit check needs. For example, if you want to get involved with a new German business customer, check out our German company credit check service.

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US international credit checks

Perhaps you want to go further afield beyond Europe and have come across an opportunity to form a partnership with a US-based firm, in that case, our US credit reports could be right up your street. 

Streamlining your operations and saving time

Whether it’s in the area of HR, manufacturing, administration, sales, marketing, or credit checking new commercial partners, business organisations need to do their utmost to streamline operations and save time wherever possible. Misusing your time inevitably eats into your profits. Thankfully, we understand this at Creditserve and our efficient company credit checks help to streamline your processes and save you valuable time. 

Looking for genuine experts to run international credit checks for your business? Book a free demo to learn more about how our online credit checks system works, and get in contact by telephoning us on 01992 414222 or emailing