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Access instant company credit checks on all companies in Ireland.

Our Irish company credit checks

>Working with businesses overseas and extending credit to international businesses can feel daunting. Our company credit checks for Ireland are designed to help you mitigate any risks when doing business with the Emerald Isle.

Our company credit checks for Ireland cost £9.95+VAT on a pay-as-you-go basis or you can subscribe to one of our discounted credit report packages. We only gather data from the most reliable sources to deliver a complete picture of your Irish customer or partner’s creditworthiness. Our checks contain the most current information publicly available and are updated daily, providing you with the insights you need to grow your business globally.

What is included in a company credit check for Ireland?

The following information is included in our company credit checks for Ireland:

Irish company incorporation details
Details of individual directors and shareholders including other directorships
Details of the company’s mortgages and charges
Five years of financial information where available
Legal notices
County Court Judgment and derogatory information
Current and historic credit limit
Current and historic risk score analysis

Please note that all international credit checks must be used within 12 months of purchase unless otherwise agreed.

Risk mitigation

Gain creditworthiness and therefore mitigate risks with our company credit checks for Ireland. Working with international customers or partners who have a history of defaulting on payments or have poor credit scores can quickly hurt your business. Ensure you are entering into agreements with confidence.

Save time & resources

Increase your efficiency and access the reports and financial information you need instantly with Creditserve’s company credit checks for Ireland, streamlining your business operations and making better use of your resources.

Improve your cash flow

Our company credit checks for Ireland help you ensure you receive payments on time from your international customers and partners. Be confident that you are only working with creditworthy businesses, improving your cash flow and reducing the risk of bad debt.

Trade internationally with confidence

Do business in Ireland and all around the world, safe in the knowledge that you’re working with businesses that you can trust to pay on time. Our company credit checks for Ireland can ensure compliance with regulations and laws related to international trade so you can avoid any penalties or fines.

Company credit checks for Ireland and beyond

Our online credit reports provide comprehensive checks on businesses in 19 other European countries and the USA.

If you would like to order an online report or request a package, please visit our online shop. You can also view the detailed online information provided within our online reports throughout Europe by visiting our Sample Credit Reports page and checking out our sample reports.

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